eLearning Design & Development

Proven approaches to training challenges.

Your organization’s success requires an empowered, motivated and well-trained workforce. At Grasp, we strive to lead in the design and development of the industry’s most advanced online education and training technologies. We believe that online learning, when professionally designed and built, can create effective – even exciting – learning experiences to heighten your organization's readiness.

Using our proprietary development process and extensive experience, we carefully create interactive content, motivating messages, awesome graphics, fascinating animations and intriguing sounds that truly engage the learner. The result is not only enhanced knowledge and skills, but also new energy and motivation.

Our experience spans across industry verticals, including automotive, telecom, property management, manufacturing and high-technology. Whether it’s sales training, customer service training or software application training, Grasp delivers knowledge in areas critical to business success. In fact, our eLearning solutions are so effective that 80% of our business comes from repeat customers.


Interactive Design Process

No boring PowerPoints here!

From just-in-time communications to fully immersive 3D simulations, our eLearning solutions offer proven approaches to training challenges. Take advantage of Grasp’s knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of client engagements and thousands of hours of courseware development to produce custom online training more quickly and cost effectively.

Our unique and time-tested interactive design process allows us to get to the heart of the solution as quickly as possible. Our innovative approach allows our team to work quickly and efficiently with subject-matter experts, control the design and development process and ensure the end results are on target.

Interactive Design Process Highlights:
  • All members of the project team, including subject matter experts, instructional designers, graphic designers, developers, and project managers are included in the initial analysis and design phase.
  • Design occurs in controlled iterative steps and evolves through a process of frequent review and approval by project stakeholders.
  • Design concepts are created quickly using temporary content, graphics and media to validate instructional and interactive elements of the course.
  • Screen mockups and working prototypes are validated by actual end users throughout the design process.
  • The project is completed in small controlled steps, allowing for more flexibility in redirecting resources and schedules to match priorities.

Design Process


Course Conversion

Leverage your investments.

We can also help you leverage your investment in existing offline training programs. If you have offline training programs that perform well, we can quickly and cost-effectively make them available online. Our instructional and graphic design experts ensure courseware created from your content is innovative and effective.

Course Conversion DiagramGrasp can create effective online learning from any source materials:
  • Classroom & Instructor-Led Training Materials
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Video Presentations & Training
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Operational, Maintenance & Equipment Manuals
  • Software Manuals & Flowcharts
  • Self-Study Workbooks & Textbooks

Media Development

Harness the power of value added visuals.

Grasp offers media development by our expert course development team. No outsourcing here.

  • Animation
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • Video
  • Web development

Grasp has delivered training programs in the following formats:

  • CD-ROM
  • Standalone (web based)
  • online (Pupil LMS)
  • DVD
  • iPod Video
  • mp3 Audio courses

GraspIt™ LMS

Step onto the pathway to productivity.

Graspit LMS Logo

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Graspit LMS Dashboard

Education is the pathway to productivity...It moves knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it. It’s how companies can ensure that significant investments in people, systems and technology pay off. But how can companies make sure that their training is effective?

The key is making education and training a strategic part of corporate culture – an ongoing workforce development initiative rather than a series of isolated or static events. It’s implementing a system that allows you to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the right information to the right people at the right time in a measurable and accountable way.

GraspIt LMS is the solution. Employees get the training they need to increase knowledge, develop new skills and improve personal productivity. The corporate training department – and the company as a whole – gets a manageable and scalable system capable of continuously measuring organizational competency and skill levels.


Administrator Console

Want to keep tabs on your company 24/7? We’ve got an app for that.

Graspit LMS iPhone App

With the GraspIt LMS, you can deliver more knowledge and information to more people in more places in less time, ultimately reducing your costs and increasing workforce productivity. The GraspIt Administrator Console empowers your training staff and operational managers to proactively impact organizational learning and performance.

Easily automate, track and manage training and certification programs from a single, scalable platform:
  • Setup and track learning plans and certification programs.
  • Centrally track and report on enrollments, completions and non-completions.
  • Provide training and certification for specific positions and locations.
  • Prevent lapses with automated notification of impending expirations or re-certifications.
Maximize operational efficiency with an integrated, personalized user experience:
  • Capture your company's proprietary best practices and consistently and cost-effectively transfer them to employees, partners and customers.
  • Provide training in a customized context tailored to specific individuals, job roles and locations.
Continuously measure competency and skills to improve organizational capabilities and development:
  • Assess individual and group competency levels.
  • Identify individual and group gaps between student competency levels and job specifications.
  • Create personalized learning plans to fill individual and group skill gaps.

Learning Center

Flawless delivery.

Screen shot of the Graspit LMS Learning CenterHow can you ensure that business-critical, time-sensitive knowledge and information is distributed within your organization in a consistent and accountable manner?

Easy…you can flawlessly deliver online courseware, presentations and other learning resources to your workforce online with the GraspIt Learning Center. The system’s tracking and reporting capabilities will let you know whether the information was received and understood.


Implementation & Support

Immediate Workforce Access to Online Learning.

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The GraspIt LMS and courseware engine can be fully customized to meet the needs of your organization. We can also host your online learning site so your IT staff will have no hardware or software implementation concerns. Learners will benefit too, because with our fully hosted service, they’ll have access and technical support virtually immediately.

The sooner our customers know how to effectively use the GraspIt LMS, the sooner they see a return on its investment. Therefore, we offer a full range of support services designed to get everyone up and running quickly.

Post-implementation, our platform experts are available to provide our customers with the technical support to maintain and evolve their solution. We'll also transfer knowledge to their IT department for continued management and improvement.



The need for understanding between a business and its clients cannot be overstated. At Grasp, communication is the core concept and collaboration the driving force behind our proven interactive design process. We strive for the clearest possible understanding of clients’ objectives so that we can achieve the greatest possible success in meeting them. Our focus is conveying the client’s identity, not our own. If you think that sounds like a recipe for success, you’re not alone. Clients from a wide variety of industries rely on us to deliver creative technology solutions that communicate their identity and exceed their expectations.

Client Testimonials

We are absolutely thrilled with the end result of our web graphics and customer interface project. The staff at Grasp is incredibly talented and understands the importance of communicating creative ideas with clarity and conciseness. I highly recommend Grasp for any business-related web interface or graphic design project.

Chris Barr - Marketing Director
Taradel LLC
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Our solutions = absolute value.

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Grasp is a creative technologies company providing graphic design, web development and custom eLearning solutions for corporations, universities and non-profit organizations. Grasp specializes in the design and development of Learning Management Systems, eLearning courseware and custom-developed applications for the Internet and mobile devices.

We can help you design and implement elegant, intelligent and sophisticated marketing strategies or break completely new ground with an attention-grabbing interactive media solution. We invite you to explore our website and see how our team of experienced professionals can help your company communicate better.

At Grasp, we see design as an equation and believe there is always a solution. We excel at blending creative design with sound technology and will treat you and your project with the care and attention you expect and deserve. Leverage our graphic design, web development and corporate eLearning services to enhance your competitive advantage.

But enough about us…let's talk about what we can do for you. To gain a better understanding of our capabilities, project experience and how we can help your company communicate better, both internally and externally, please contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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